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Article: A Detailed Guide IPL Hair Removal

A Detailed Guide IPL Hair Removal
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A Detailed Guide IPL Hair Removal


Hair removal is generally the most tedious process of any skin-care routine. It's messy, takes special tools, and can even irritate the skin. Some methods work better than others for some people. There are many options available too.

IPL hair removal, laser, and electrolysis are some newer methods with increasing popularity. Let's look at the most used hair removal methods and compare them to IPL.

Traditional Hair Removal Methods

Conventional methods for hair removal include waxing, plucking, and chemical treatment. These methods do not use modern technologies like lasers, IPL hair removal devices, and electrolysis. Some people prefer these methods because they are cheaper in the short term.

Some of the chemical-intensive methods like hair removal creams can cause skin irritation. Though that depends more on your skin than anything. Some skin types are too sensitive to use the traditional methods. Even waxing and shaving can lead to skin irritation and shaving rash.

It usually takes more than one session to remove all the hair using traditional methods. While that is also the case with the more advanced option, you won't have to suffer through as much hassle.

People might also choose traditional methods because they are uncomfortable with machines. That is usually because most people don't know how laser, LHE, and IPL hair removal devices work. In short, the traditional methods are the least optimal.

Laser Hair Removal Method

Laser hair removal uses concentrated light beams to inhibit hair growth. Conventional laser and IPL methods are very similar in that regard, as they both use light beams. You can find the laser equivalent of IPL hair removal devices too.

The process begins by emitting concentrated light onto the pigment in the hair. The light creates harsh heat that damages the hair follicles in the skin. That is the part that produces hair.

A damaged follicle can not regulate hair growth. And that is the intended outcome of the laser treatment. This process can inhibit hair growth for a very long time, but it is in no way permanent. The follicles will heal and produce more hair after a while.

This process is not a one-step treatment. You will need to do it quite a few times to remove all the hair. Some people also need follow-up treatments depending on their skin condition.

Electrolysis Hair Removal Method

Electrolysis is a very well-known hair removal method. Instead of using light and heat, this method uses electric current. It is one of the only methods that can remove hair for good. This process has been around close to a century now, so it's not exactly a new invention.

You can't do the electrolysis treatment at home. It is the only method with a technical skill requirement. An untrained person can not use the apparatus with sufficient precision. The electrolysis machines marketed for home use are also quite shady, and none of them are safe for use.

The electrologist will insert tiny wires into the skin and send an electric shock to inhibit the hair follicle. This process is very skill-intensive, can a wrong move can cause skin damage.

Any existing hair will also fall off. The damage to the follicle is usually permanent. It is not harmful to the skin, at least not long-term. Some may see slight redness during and after the procedure. Mild skin irritation and skin damage are also normal, but they should heal soon enough.

IPL Hair Removal Method

SmoothPro+ IPL Hair Removal Device

IPL hair removal method uses intense pulsed light to destroy the hair follicle. The IPL treatment is used for treating skin conditions. It is one of the safest and most hassle-free hair-removal treatments.

So, how does IPL hair removal work exactly? The light pulses and the laser treatment have the same basic principle. They fall on the pigmentation of the hair and heat the hair follicle. That leads to a heat build-up strong enough to damage the follicle.

IPL hair removal devices work fast enough so that you won't register the pain, but there is a slight sting to it. The IPL hair removal takes around a full month to complete. You will need to get treated once every week for three weeks. There will also be more follow-ups to make sure the follicles do not start more hair growth cycles.

The SmoothPro+ IPL Hair Removal Device

SmoothPro+ IPL Hair Removal Device

SmoothPro+ is an advanced IPL hair removal device by project E Beauty. It is FDA-approved and primarily designed for home use. SmoothPro+ is one of the best IPL hair removal devices as it works on almost all skin types.

  1. Latest IPL Technology

This device used the latest IPL technology to inhibit hair growth. The advanced IPL technology is why this device is widely available for commercial use. The older IPL technology was not optimized enough for regular use. 

Using the latest technology makes it far safer than most hair removal methods mentioned on this list. It is FDA-approved in the USA for that very reason.

  1. Adjustable Output Level

The SmoothPro+ comes with 5 adjustable energy levels. The higher the level, the deeper it removes the hair. That does put more strain on the skin. Humans do not have a uniform skin profile, so some parts require higher levels, and some parts need lower level output. 

You might also use the lower output for the long term since this device is made for long-term use. With 300,00 flashes per lamp, it will last you years.

  1. Skin Sensor

The SmoothPro+ has a built-in skin sensor to identify the skin profile before use. This feature will help you choose which output level your skin needs. It comes with detailed instructions on how to use IPL hair removal device, so don’t worry about not finding the correct settings.

The IPL hair removal device is a far superior choice over any of the traditional methods. It does not have any risk of skin irritation you get with chemical treatment and has better results. Laser treatment and IPL are quite similar but SmoothPro+ is less harsh. You can feel it just by noticing the ipl hair removal device before and after skin feel.

Electrolysis is a better option for permanent hair removal. But that is a lengthy process, costs more, and requires a skilled electrologist. So you can not really do that at home. The SmoothPro+ is far cheaper and portable compared to the alternative methods.


Hopefully, this answered all your questions about hair removal. There are quite a few viable options available these days. But IPL is the most accessible and safe. These IPL hair removal devices are also cheap enough that anyone can afford them. Commercial devices offer almost the same service as professional machines.



 written by Olivia Khader



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