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Article: Get Clear Skin with LED Therapy: The Best Acne Treatment

Get Clear Skin with LED Therapy: The Best Acne Treatment

Get Clear Skin with LED Therapy: The Best Acne Treatment



Acne, although a common skin condition, varies from person to person. Genetics, hormones, the weather, and diet—why breakouts occur is also another factor that makes it a unique concern for every individual struggling with acne.

Continue reading and learn more about the acne-fighting benefits of using light-based therapy.  

What is LED light therapy?


What is LED light therapy?


Light energy can reach different layers of the skin in varying depths depending on the wavelength. Blue light works directly on the hair follicles to deliver an assortment of acne-fighting and oil regulating benefits. 

The use of light as a mode of treatment has been around since the 1800s. It was mainly used for pain management, particularly for patients suffering from the painful side effects of treatments like radiotherapy. Thanks to influencers and celebrities, LED light therapy has become more well-known in recent years as a skin treatment available at home in the form of masks.  

How does blue LED light therapy treat mild to moderate acne? 

How does blue LED light therapy treat mild to moderate acne?


Manage mild to moderate acne conditions with the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory blue light. This type of LED light therapy was based on UV light therapy used to treat psoriasis and inflammatory conditions, destroy bacteria, treat acne, and more. Blue LED light therapy for acne has proven to help individuals take control of occasional or even chronic acne breakouts. How does blue LED light therapy work? 

The blue wavelength acts on the hair follicle, killing acne-causing bacteria and preventing new pimples from forming while healing existing ones. Blue light also controls activity in the sebaceous glands, which helps to get rid of excess sebum. This extra oil is mostly responsible for clogged pores. Unclogged pores shrink back into their normal size and the skin appears to be poreless.

What are the benefits of blue LED light therapy?


What are the benefits of blue LED light therapy?


Take advantage of the power of the non-invasive blue LED light therapy by including its use in your anti-acne skincare regimen. It has phenomenal effects on skin suffering from mild to moderate acne. Blue LED light therapy benefits may include:

  • Improved appearance of acne and blemishes - notice pimples and blemishes drying up quickly in just a few hours after use
  • Balanced oil and moisture levels - oiliness is visibly reduced giving a shine-free complexion
  • Faded acne scars and prevention of scarring - regular exposure to LED light flattens scarring and prevents new ones from forming
  • Anti-inflammatory effects on skin - manage rosacea flare-ups with regular LED light therapy sessions that soothe and calm redness and irritation 
  • Fight sun damage and discoloration - the good kind of light that reverses the damage caused by harmful sunlight

What happens before and after the treatment?

At-home blue LED light therapy devices such as masks and handheld devices make it easier for you to try this innovative treatment by yourself. Simply wash your face and dry it thoroughly as preparation. It’s important to find a comfortable space at home to perform this treatment in.   

Worried about skin damage? LED light therapy devices only use UV-free, non-heating LED bulbs that do not cause surface damage like the sun’s rays. In fact, a 2018 study published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology confirms that phototherapy using an LED device displays an excellent safety profile.

Sessions are virtually painless and do not require downtime. Sneak in some LED light therapy time even during busy work hours and simply go back to your routine without feeling any discomfort. The best thing about this convenient treatment is you can feel instant effects such as smoother, less oily skin that feels light and refreshed. 

Blue LED Light Therapy Devices To Try

A quick and easy skin treatment that works! Don’t miss out on this beauty trend with a celebrity-following. Leading beauty brand Project E Beauty offers a variety of innovative beauty essentials such as masks and handheld appliances. 

LumaGlow | Blue LED Light Therapy

For acne: FDA-cleared handheld device uses non-thermal bulbs that produce blue light energy to help you manage mild to moderate acne breakouts. Also helps calm irritation and inflammation associated with certain skin conditions.  

Pick this: FDA-cleared portable handheld device, 2 operating modes: continuous and pulsating, wireless operation, 44 LED bulbs

Lumamask LED Light Therapy

For acne: Utilizes 36 UV-free LED bulbs that emit light energy in seven different wavelengths or colors - including blue light. Ideal for mild to moderate acne and other skin concerns such as wrinkles and inflammation. 

Pick this: 7 LED colors, ultra light design, one button control, with built-in safety goggles, wireless operation, 36 LED bulbs, auto shut-off

LED Light Therapy Mask - Silicone

For acne: Comes with 2 visible light colors: blue and red. Blue light helps treat acne-prone skin and has a calming and soothing effect on inflamed skin. Red light enhances collagen production for maximum anti-aging effects. 

Pick this: flexible silicone material, snug fit, easy one-button operation, portable and ultralight design, equipped with 66 LED bulbs

Photon Skin Rejuvenation Face & Neck Mask

For acne: Offers seven LED light colors each with its own benefit. Experience the anti-blemish effects of blue light, anti-aging red light, inflammatory cyan, brightening yellow, purple for circulation, and white for relaxation.

Pick this: 99 (face) + 40 (neck) LED bulbs, fully wireless and portable, 50% lighter than previous design


Here’s a skincare treat for Dads!

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   written by Charlotte Rycroft

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